Alexander Nyström

Alexander Nyström


“Gamejams” are short projects where me and friends (usually about 4 people) gather to work hard for 3 days with the goal in mind of improving ourselves and getting to go through the various stages of game development.

  1. Fishfighters:
    First we have Fishfighters, with fish fighting eachother in a unique setting under(over?)water.
    Here my main work was put into designing and creating the environment, including tunnels and floating islands.
    Rendered in Unity Engine.

  2. Bathtub Simulator:
    Bathtub simulator was based on a real story and sort of an inside joke. The setting is of a romantic bath, with soothing music, candles, wine and shrimp. Oh and ducks. I couldn’t help myself so I made ducks.
    Rendered in Unity Engine.

  3. Scary Train:
    Name likely to change, this project was based on the concept of having the player complete tasks to get to the next part of the train. If the player was unable to in time, a slowly creeping darkness would catch the player from the back of the train, ending it.
    While I shared the 3D work with one other person in the other two projects, this one I was left to it on my own.
    Rendered in Unreal Engine.

  • Role CG artist

  • Type Fish Person Shooter

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